Thunder From Down Under = One Hot Time

I believe the highlight of Brandy’s trip was the Thunder From Down Under show. I mean- while we were relaxing in our luxurious hotel room- she got herself bathed- perfumed and ready for the show. She was Excited! Now- I had gotten us front row seats- center stage. Naked Men- here we come!

I did not give Brandy any alcoholic drinks this time. I figure Naked Men were enough. We get in and take our seats. The lights go down and the show starts. The guys are dancing and when they first come out into the audience- a performer named Adam came up to Brandy- kind of straddled her- had her put her hands on his chest and then had her run her hand all the way down-down-down-down….Brandy was LAUGHING and BLUSHING. Then Adam leaned down and kissed her cheek. I got a high five.

Adam Hughes- Thunder From Down Under’s Sex On A Stick

Now each guy is doing his own dance set- and they go out into the audience and bring a girl up onstage. This got a wee bit boring- because you mostly want to see the dudes and could care less about the chicks they are dry humping onstage. However- this all changed when the Firemen took the stage. A performer called Matty was dancing. He had a fire extinguisher and sprayed over the audience. DAMN! As I was combing out white fluff from my hair- he came towards us and grabbed Brandy’s hand. Next thing I knew Brandy was onstage with this guy:

Matthew Fardell- Thunder From Down Under’s Hottest Man

And there are two ladders on the stage and he takes Brandy and places her between the ladders and has her hold onto the rungs on each side. Then he goes behind her and kneels- and moves his hands down her- ah-er- Front Side. Holy Hell Mother of all That’s Holy! I could barely stay in my seat- I am woooo-hoooing so loudly!

Then Matty dances his cute ass around and yes ladies and gentlemen- he is in his black thong…..and steps onto the first rungs of the ladder. And starts grinding you know where Brandy’s face is. The crowd is going crazy- these ladies can’t take it! Then Matty grabs Brandy’s hand- and let me tell you- she has on this purple nail polish- so he grabs her hand- and places it between his legs so she is holding onto his butt. And you see her little hand and that purple nail polish- and the ladies all scream louder!

Matty starts moving those God-Like hips and Brandy’s arm isn’t very long so her hand starts slipping- but you can see she is trying to hold on- and her hand is still slipping until it look like she is holding Matty’s ball sack. When Brandy realizes that she is holding onto balls- you can see her make a face and she lets go. So Matty grabs her other hand and the same thing……places it onto his perfect butt and does some more grinding. And then it’s all over….Matty kisses Brandy and then brings her back to her seat.

Now there is a Host named Marcus and at one point in the show he looks at Brandy and says “Sweetheart My Eyes are Up Here….Stop looking at my Crouch” and kinda does a hip thrust. Brandy just giggled but LOVED the attention.

Marcus Deegan- That Sexy Beast of a Host at Thunder From Down Under

Now at the end of the show you can go up onstage and take a photo with the guys for $20. Well I told the guys that Brandy should probably stand in front because she is so darn HEAVY. But Marcus would not have it. He actually lifted her up onto his lap….but you could see in his face that he misjudged Brandy’s weight and his arms shook a wee bit…….. 

Back Row: Leigh, Dave, Donovan     Front Row: Scott, Marcus, Marty

And then they come out of the venue one by one and sign the photos and calendars that women bought. Most of the guys didn’t really talk- just signed- but Marcus took care when signing Brandy’s photo and took some time to talk to her. Way to go Marcus! You Rock! Brandy pretty much floated back to our Hotel that night and woke up smiling. Thanks Thunder From Down Under!!

Scott Reading is Sex on Legs


Martin Amiott is Hotness on a Bun


In the video- the water pouring, booty shake guy is Matty- who brought Brandy onstage- and is my Hero for doing so.


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